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UI Programmer

As OCP’s UI programmer, you’ll work collaboratively to develop strong functional UI for our ambitions gameplay and platform. Your focus is on extensible, reusable code with an eye towards user experience. You love considering game feel, and apply your knowledge of new games as well as canon to engagement and problem solving.

Role Overview

  • Create and implement UI across the game and platform
  • Work collaboratively with the range of technical and creative colleagues to define the mechanics, look, and feel of exceptional, lightweight UI
  • Collaborate on design and implementation of game features
  • Build sustainable and maintainable technologies
  • Own whole aspects of innovative feature and/or system development, considering scalability and performance


  • Extensive development using C++ and Unreal Engine
  • Experience developing UI for AAA, multiplayer games
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a cross-discipline team
  • Ability to work fully remote
  • Ability to successfully communicate and collaborate in a remote, global environment
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