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Animator (Senior)

As an Animator at OCP, your focus is creative and technical problem solving at a high level and down to each detail. You are the builder and visionary of movement in the game. The bulk of your time is spent perfecting a versatile and demanding animation pipeline, building animations, rigging, and polishing. Working across disciplines, you are comfortable communicating and determining a path forward for OCP’s ambitious look, feel, and game mechanics. Your development experience allows you to share risks early on, while focused on developing solutions that scale. It’s clear that bringing a vision to life is your passion, and quality your obsession.

Role Overview

  • Develop workflow standards and best practices for animation at OCP, establishing a strong, stylized and versatile visual style that includes a wide variety of creatures and character sizes and body types.
  • Create prototype and final animations from blocking through polish, using clean development practices and adhering to the project’s needs and requirements.
  • Participate in feedback/review sessions and supportively embrace a high quality bar in your and your colleagues’ work.
  • Provide feedback to animation outsourcing that follows vision from Art Direction.
  • Work collaboratively with a range of technical and creative colleagues to solve and define the mechanics, look and feel of ambitious projects that can be delivered on time.


  • Experience working with Maya and Unreal Engine 4
  • Ability to work within technical animation and rigging workflows
  • Demonstrated understanding of animation principles and ability to implement those principals with an eye toward innovation and pipeline efficiency
  • Experience solving visual problems related to animation, gameplay, and performance needs
  • Ability to self-organize, time manage, and meet deadlines
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in a remote environment
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